Catch Report

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Catch Report

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February 48hr session 5 fish to 18lb

February 48hr session Lodge bank 6 fish to 26lb

February 48hr session Point on dam wall 7 fish to 27lb

February 48hr session Point on dam wall 5 fish to 32lb

February Boathouse 37lb

February 36 hr session 17 fish to 27lb

November 48hr session Spooks 30lb

November 48hr session 4 fish to 21lb

November Dam wall Hesky 37lb 7oz

August 48 hr session Peg 27 42lb Big Geordie 37lb Hesky, 31lb common

1st weekend in August

Peg 29 8 fish to 32lb

Peg 28 & 27 10 fish to 26lb

Oaks 4 fish

Dam wall 12 fish to 36lb

Left of boathouse 8 fish to 31lb

Spooks 20lb & 30lb fish

July Dam wall 12hr day session mirror 22lb

July Pines 24 hr session 18 fish on zig

July Dam wall 2 fishing 24hrs 30+ fish to 28lb spodding over zigs

June Past dam wall 48hr session 28 fish to 30lb fishing a zig fed with a regular spod mix

June Past dam wall 12hr day session 17 fish to 28lb all off the top

June Spooks 48hr session 6 fish to 28lb

June peg 29 24hr session 11 fish to 39lb 10ozs

June Oaks 36hr session 6 fish to 27lb 10ozs

June Left of Boat House 24 hr session 6 fish to 27lb

June Spooks 24hr session 5 fish

June Lodge bank 48hr session 13 fish 6 20’s

May  Oaks 48hr session 36lb, 32lb,18lb

April Boathouse 72hr session 14 fish 7 20’s to 28lb, 34lb

April peg 28 48hr session 14 fish to 26lb (5 twenties)

April Dam wall 36lb common on zig

April boathouse 5 fish to 41lb (Big Geordie)

April Spooks 5 fish (2 mid twenties)

April Dam wall 31lb

April peg 29 3 fish to 25lb

April Boathouse 48 hr session 11 fish to 28lbs

27th March Boat House 24 hrs 7 fish including 3 20s

1st October Dam wall 24hr session Commons 26lb 10oz, 8lb 15oz, Mirrors 16lb 2oz, 14lb 10oz

26th September Boat House 48hr session Commons 31lb, 28lb, Mirrors 37.5lb, 22lb, 19lb

25th September Dam wall 24hr session Commons 26lb 6oz, 21lb 8oz, 21lb 4oz, 18lb, 14lb 10oz, Mirrors 32lb 9oz, 19lb 12oz, 11lb 2oz

18th September Dam wall 24hr session Commons 25lb 4oz, 19lb 6oz, 18lb 4oz, 17lb, 16lb, 9lb 10oz, Mirrors 22lb 10oz, 21lb 2oz

18th September Dam wall 24 hr session Mirror 17lb 8oz, Common 12lb 12oz

15th September Dam wall 24hr session Commons 20lb 2oz, 19lb 8oz, 12lb 4oz, 10lb 2oz, Mirror 16lb 14oz

3rd September peg 28 24hr session Mirror 26lb 4oz, 18lb, 15lb 12ozs, 14lb 2ozs, 13lb, 11lb 4ozs, Common 16lb 6ozs, 9lb 4 ozs

3rd September peg 29 24hr session Mirror 24lb 8ozs, 11lb 4ozs, Common 22lb 12ozs, 19lb 14ozs

29th August Dam wall 24 hr session Linear 28lb 12ozs, Common 20lb 12ozs, Mirror 17lb 4ozs, 16lb 10ozs

28th August Little Geordie 36lb 8ozs

23rd August 34lb mirror

10th August Left of boathouse 3 night session 30 fish up to 28lb

10th August Dam wall 48hr session 10 fish to 26lb

10th August Boathouse 48hr session 11 fish

7th August Dam wall 24hr session Commons 28lb, 26lb 14ozs, 22lb 9ozs, 21lb 4ozs, 14lb 12ozs, 14lb 4ozs, 14lb 2ozs, Mirrors 32lb 6ozs, 27lb 4ozs, 24lb 8ozs, 18lb 10ozs, 17lb 8ozs

31st July Dam wall 24hr session Commons 31lb 12ozs, 17lb 12ozs, 15lb 12ozs, 9lb 10ozs, Mirrors 24lb 2ozs, 21lb 10ozs, 16lb 6ozs, 14lb 10ozs, 12lb 10ozs

25th July Dam wall 24hr session Commons 18lb 12ozs, 17lb 4ozs, 14lb 8 ozs, 12lb 10ozs, Mirrors 22lb 19lb 12ozs, 18lb 4ozs

17th July Boat House 24hr session Common 16lb 4ozs, Mirrors 18lb 10ozs, 13lb 4ozs, 10lb 10ozs

10th July Dam wall 24hr session commons 21lb 6ozs, 18lb 2ozs, 17lb 10ozs, 12lb 10ozs mirrors 26lb 14ozs, 18lb 2ozs, 14lb 4ozs

4th July Dam wall 24hr session commons 22lb 10oz, 16lb 6oz, 14lb 8oz mirrors 24lb 4oz, 22lb 14oz 18lb 14oz 18lb 2oz

26th June Dam wall 24hr session commons 22lb 4oz, 16lb 8oz, 14lb 2oz mirrors 19lb 4oz, 18lb 14oz

26th May Spooks 12 hour session 35lb 12oz, 21lb 3oz, 17lb 10oz

7th May Spooks 24hr session 10 fish biggest 26lb

5th May Peg 28 48hrs 10 fish biggest 29lb

5th May Spooks 4 night session 17 fish biggest 29lb,28lb,27lb

2nd May Boat house, both swims 48 hour session 24 fish 3 20’s biggest 26lb

29th April Lodge bank 6 night session 35 20’s to 29lb 12ozs

18th April peg 27 29lb 12oz, 25lb

15th April Dam wall 35lb

27th March Boat House 24 hr session 2 x27lb, one 19lb, one 17lb

26th March Lodge bank 24 hr session 9 fish to 22lb

21st March Boat House 3 night session 27 fish

1 unnamed 41lb (now called Jimbo), one 33lb, 7 x 20’s to 29lb, the rest high teens.

19th March Dam wall  48 hour session 8 fish to 20lb.

15th March Lodge bank 24 hour session 6 fish to 20lb.